October Newsletter

- November 15th, 2018


It is October in Florida, and that means that it is time to plant some
seeds and seedlings. I tried my hand at gardening last year and
had some pretty good success with my raised beds. Okra, cherry
tomatoes and peppers were all very productive for me. Cabbages and
cucumbers failed. This year I added a second raised
bed. I planted kale. I got better tomato cages. I am trying some
new organic pest control measures and composting (thank you to my
dad, for instilling in me the desire to garden, and thanks to Luc Ferster
for the 411 on Neem oil and Black Kow compost). Because of these
efforts, I am hoping for an even better crop this fall. In gardening, you must be wary
of pests, you have to plant your seeds in the right time and place, and nurture them with the rightamounts of sun, water, and soil nutrients. You have to constantly
make adjustments and pivot, you have to be patient, and sometimes
you have to know what not to do. I am struck with the similarities of
gardening and operating my firm. There are plenty of pests in the Law
Game, and if you are not careful they will eat your garden too. I
have to nurture client relationships with open communication and our
firm has to strategically make all the right moves at the right time for the
case to be as successful as possible. The to do list for each case is the
same: Do the next right thing. The good news is that both of these
endeavors are a labor of love, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
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