Trucks take longer to stop

- August 19th, 2016

Common Sense tells us that big rig trucks, whether loaded or unloaded, take more time to stop than the average passenger car. But Why?

The answer can be explained with physics.  The trucks have more mass and weight, and therefore a greater amount of energy to dissipate.  The brakes of  the vehicle convert kinetic energy to heat.  Because of the greater kinetic energy from the greater wight of a truck, the  brakes on the Truck are less effective than the brakes on a car in dissipating the energy and stopping the truck.  

So Common Sense and Science both agree.  Trucks take longer to stop.  Truck drivers need to remember this when they are out there driving among our Prius, Mini Cooper, Fiat, and other small passenger cars.   

The law says Truck drivers must take care not to drive negligently.  What this means is that since truck drivers rigs are  bigger and take longer to stop, they must allow a safe distance between me and the car in front of them, so that they can protect the safety of other cars on the road. 

If a trucker violates this rule and you are injured,  It is important to contact legal representation immediately.  Call B-Luc! 

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