But I Don't Judge You- I Defend You

- August 19th, 2016

At Benjamin Lucas, P.A. the client is NEVER judged by their worst day. I know life comes at us fast, and that sometimes things spin out of control and mistakes happen. I don't cry over spilt milk, and I don't sugarcoat reality. I do a hard analysis of your exact situation, and act to fix the mess.

The truth is - a lot of what I do is damage control.  That involves showing the best side of you to the Miami- Dade County State Attorney's office and the Judge.  

Once retained, I often give my client's homework:  give me a list of everything positive you have ever done: diplomas, family pictures, job history, I want it all.   

This allows me to get a feel for you as a person, and to portray you in your very best light.  
Of course I  also start investigating the case on day one.  Witnesses leave, and video tapes get erased (usually within the first 30 days after an incident).  So it is CRUCIAL that you act quickly and get a lawyer on your case to investigate an preserve this evidence.

If you are arrested in Miami, Contact B-LUC immediately if not sooner!

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