Another great google review

- May 29th, 2024

Another great google review

Martin was hurt in a car crash

- April 30th, 2024

"I am happy to say I am very impressed with Ben Lucas and his staff. They took very very good care of me and I really appreciate it."


- April 5th, 2024

Steven was rear-ended by an extremely drunk driver at 7pm. After a low offer from thier insurance company, we filed a lawsuit, and a motion for punitive damages. We were able to secure a great settlement on his case.

Referred by her family member - another happy customer

- March 7th, 2024

Lorna was referred to us by her family member, who was a past client.

Head on Accident- Broken Wrist

- January 31st, 2024

Glenda was involved in a head-on car accident, broke her wrist, and needed two surgeries.

Auto Accident- Airlifted to hospital

- January 23rd, 2024

Now she is another happy client! The smile says it all!

Riding scooter and hit by a car

- November 29th, 2023

Jessuly was hit by a car when driving her scooter. She was very happy with our services!

Another great google review

- November 9th, 2023

Multiple competing injury claims

- October 26th, 2023

Hon was in a bad car accident and there were multiple competing injury claims. We got her the full per-person limit for her injuries.

crashed by a TURO driver

- October 10th, 2023

Beveter was injured when someone renting a TURO car collided with her automobile.

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