I was in a Car Crash, do I need an attorney?

- November 21st, 2016

Ok, You were a Victim of a Car Crash. What now?

Life comes at us fast

- October 14th, 2016

phone addiction plus driving equals crashes on the rise

- October 13th, 2016

If you are hit by a distracted driver, call B-Luc! 786-505-7721

a slip and fall accident can set you back. let me help you get back on track

- September 15th, 2016

You Slip on something and Fall in a Business and get badly injured. What's next?

Felony Conviction in Florida- What's the Big Deal?

- September 13th, 2016

So- you got slapped with a Felony charge. You might think its a not a big deal- but you'd be wrong.

A Felony conviction in Florida carries many bad consequences. Your life and the life of your family can be changed forever. It is really important to hire a great lawyer immediately to begin p...(Continue Reading).

Driver-less cars are coming. Maybe that is a good thing.

- August 31st, 2016

but until they do, humans are still driving. If you are hit by a negligent driver and injured, call B-LUC!


- August 27th, 2016

A federal report this week revealed that traffic deaths have risen 9 percent over the last year and have totaled 19,100 in the first six months of 2016. More than 2.2 million people have been seriously injured in that time. The economic cost of those accidents is estimated annually at $410 billion, or 2.3 per...(Continue Reading).


- August 25th, 2016

This is an absolutely heart-wrenching video that highlights the costs of distracted driving. Put your phone down when driving. They can wait.


- August 24th, 2016

You might notice in jury trials, a lot of times the defendant is black and the jury all white, or at the very least , the jury does not look like a jury of the individual's peers. If you've ever wondered why this is so, the link below does a very good job explaining the realities of the situation, and it is ...(Continue Reading).


- August 23rd, 2016

THE BLACK LIVES MATTERS MOVEMENT IS IN LARGE PART A RESPONSE TO RACIAL PROFILING AND HARASSMENT BY COPS. THESE ACTIVITIES BY THE POLICE ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The 4th Amendment is what protects you from being stopped and searched for no reason by the police. The Supreme Court has let the police get away ...(Continue Reading).

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